Heard joke once

Heard joke once:

Man goes to doctor.  Says he’s depressed.  Says life seems harsh and cruel.

Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain.

Doctor says “Treatment is simple.  Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight.  Go and see him.  That should pick you up.”

Man bursts into tears.

Says “But, doctor…”

“…I am Pagliacci.”

Good joke.

Everybody laugh.

Roll on snare drum.


– Alan Moore, Watchmen.

The greatest comic ever made..

watchmen-gimped ..and its finally mine!! I’m talking about Alan Moore’s epic Watchmen. I finally found a copy at my favourite bookstore and picked it up in a snap.

For those who haven’t read it already, you don’t know what you’re missing! This 12-issue comic (graphic novel for some) redefined its whole genre and changed the face of comic book writing forever.

You know those moments when a book or song is made so brilliantly, it sends shivers down your back? Watchmen is like that. Its also one of those things that you can read over and over, and you find hidden little gems scattered inside that you missed the last time round. I’ll stop right here, and get right back to the book. I’ll just end with a quote from it…

“For my own part, regret nothing. Have lived life, free from compromise… and step into the shadow now without complaint.” -Rorschach’s Journal