Galaxy Tab 2 impressions

Last year, my wife gifted me a Nintendo 3DS. This year was equally good, and she bought me a tablet 🙂 I’ve been holding away from getting one for years now, and decided to finally get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7″, WiFi-only) when I saw the specs and price. The screen is crisp and beautiful. I’ve tried about a dozen apps on it now, including some from prior Humble Bundle purchases.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth looks beautiful! I also love the RSS apps I’ve tried so far: Newsblur, Google Currents, and Flipboard. SSHDroid was cool because it let me sftp my entire Calibre library instantaneously. More detailed reviews will probably come eventually..

I had all the documentation open and ready for rooting it on day 1, but held away out of sheer laziness. Since this is my first tablet, I decided to play with the stock firmware for some more time. When I get used to it all, I’ll make the switchover to CyanogenMod (or something else).