Far Cry 4 impressions

I picked up Far Cry 5 on a whim a few months back and fell in love with it. It’s probably my favourite game on the Xbox One. So I picked up the 4th part during the quarantine sale to see how the series evolved. Happily, 4 is every bit as enjoyable as 5.

Part 4 has more focus on story with specific campaign missions and characters that evolve well throughout the game (particularly the main bad guy). Far Cry 5 was more about clearing each region by finishing random open world missions. So this nice injection of story elements was well done.

I seem to have spent 37 hours in it. I had a surge urge to finish the campaign so I did so last night. But I could well have spent another 5-6 hours clearing up the remaining outposts and side missions.

This part is set in Nepal and is a beautiful open world. I usually hate hunting animals in games but it is unavoidable here: they’re the only way you can craft bigger bags. There’s enough to do just wandering around the map, which is what I did most of the time. A special mention must be made of the exquisite visuals in the Shangri-La side missions.

I had most fun with the game when I was using the tools it gave me. For instance, throwing bait in the middle of an outpost attracts fierce predators. The weapons get a lot more fun and make the final part of the game pretty easy: I finished with a fearsome buzzsaw, sniper rifle and an RPG launcher. While my early missions were mostly stealth based, the later ones were just about going in through the front door and blowing stuff up.

I see a Far Cry 5 as a nice evolution of Far Cry 4. Specifically, the NPC allies are its strongest point. But 4’s strengths are in having an excellent story and characters. This has now become my favourite Video Game series, beating my previous favourite Tomb Raider by an inch, and others like Watch_Dogs by a mile.

Ys VIII Gallery

Played and thoroughly loved this game on my Vita. There aren’t too many games I’ve invested more than two dozen hours, and this one took more than forty hours. There also aren’t too many games where I stopped pushing the story forward and instead finished every single side quest. In this one, I explored pretty much 100% of the island, and was the part I liked most.

Here are some screenshots I took from the game. Spoiler definitely abound.






RAGE gallery

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It’s not often I start taking side quests near the end of a game just to prolong the experience. The scenery is lovely to look at. As you’d expect from an id game, the game flows well, the weapons are fun to use, and the plot is nothing to write home about.