Ys VIII Gallery

Played and thoroughly loved this game on my Vita. There aren’t too many games I’ve invested more than two dozen hours, and this one took more than forty hours. There also aren’t too many games where I stopped pushing the story forward and instead finished every single side quest. In this one, I explored pretty much 100% of the island, and was the part I liked most.

Here are some screenshots I took from the game. Spoiler definitely abound.






V for Vita

image credit: venturebeat.com
image credit: venturebeat.com

Things have been going well at work for me, so my wife gifted me a cool PS Vita! She’d bought me a 3DS some time back, and I’ve found handhelds are pretty much the only way I can game these days.

The box came with the God of War collection. I sped through part one already, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The memory cards are pretty pricey, so I had to settle for a 4GB card. I’ve signed up for PS Plus as well, and the free games are pretty good (Steamworld Dig, Binding of Isaac).


I spent quite some time pouring over reviews, after which I bought Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush. Both seem to have pretty long single player campaigns, but I’ve not spent enough time on either to give a full review.

image credit: forbes.com

As a somewhat-Nintendo enthusiast, it’s nice to see the other platforms for a change. The PS Plus subscription is the biggest change. The catalog seems nice enough to keep me occupied for quite some time, and the cheaper prices definitely encourage exploratory purchases.

Recommendation: Buy.