Books read in October (and a new Kindle!)

My new Kindle

After a spot of reader’s block in the first half of this year, I’m almost back to my old reading frequency these days. After rearranging my bookshelves recently, I realized I didn’t have much space to stock new books.

To try something different I invested in a 10th Gen Kindle. It is really nice! It is very light and also comes with a backlight so I can read pretty much anywhere / anytime. The display is really something.

So this month was a good mix of exploring Kindle Unlimited, buying some ebooks, and clearing some of the backlog from my dead tree collection. The /r/suggestmeabook subreddit was a nice place to get recommendations. Here is what I read:

The Dead, James Joyce

A short and bitter-sweet story.

Mythos, by Stephen Fry

Has his trademark light-hearted air which is really nice sometimes and a bit annoying some other times. Not sure if I’ll continue the series.

I am going through a Greek history/mythology phase right now after having put 80+ hours in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So Madeline Miller’s Circe is next in my list.

When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanidhi

An exquisite book. Not an easy read (emotionally), but so lyrical. Sticks with you long after you read it.

Some new ebooks

For reasons that I can’t fully explain, I bought some ebooks over the weekend, in spite of not having a good ereader. I have an ancient Sony Reader that hasn’t been touched in years, so that doesn’t count. I have two tablets in the same situation. My current phone has a small screen, so it’s not very comfortable for reading either.

I suppose the deals were good, although I would’ve liked to own proper books for some of them.

  • Peter Watts – Echopraxia and Firefall – I’m a huge fan of Starfish and the other books he’s written, so these were no-brainers.
  • Alex Bellos – Alex through the Looking Glass – A sequel to his excellent Alex’s adventures in Numberland.
  • David Wong – This book is full of spiders – Again, a sequel to a book I’ve already read and liked: the excellently titled John dies at the end.

Going by the other ebooks I’ve purchased in the past, these seem destined to languish in a virtual shelf for quite some time 😦 Given the high quality of the authors, I’d prefer not to though. And if I settle into a better rhythm with these than dead-tree books, who knows.. these might become my preferred medium for new purchases.