Some new ebooks

For reasons that I can’t fully explain, I bought some ebooks over the weekend, in spite of not having a good ereader. I have an ancient Sony Reader that hasn’t been touched in years, so that doesn’t count. I have two tablets in the same situation. My current phone has a small screen, so it’s not very comfortable for reading either.

I suppose the deals were good, although I would’ve liked to own proper books for some of them.

  • Peter Watts – Echopraxia and Firefall – I’m a huge fan of Starfish and the other books he’s written, so these were no-brainers.
  • Alex Bellos – Alex through the Looking Glass – A sequel to his excellent Alex’s adventures in Numberland.
  • David Wong – This book is full of spiders – Again, a sequel to a book I’ve already read and liked: the excellently titled John dies at the end.

Going by the other ebooks I’ve purchased in the past, these seem destined to languish in a virtual shelf for quite some time 😦 Given the high quality of the authors, I’d prefer not to though. And if I settle into a better rhythm with these than dead-tree books, who knows.. these might become my preferred medium for new purchases.

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