5 reasons why DuckDuckGo is an awesome search engine

I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for awhile now and I’ve found some great things about it. Here are 5 reasons why it’s amazing:

    1. Awesome infobox: This is the tiny box that’s the first thing you see in your search results. It usually links to the wikipedia page if one exists, and provides a one-line summary of your search term. This works surprisingly well sometimes. For instance, I wanted an Emacs function to rename both a buffer and it’s associated file. I badly need this because I write these posts as filename.txt.draft, and then need to rename it to filename.txt so that Blosxom shows it as a post. This is what DDG showed me when I searched for it (above).
  • !Bang: This is a great idea, implemented comprehensively. In short, keywords prefixed by a ! are redirected to a specific site. e.g. !w and !hn send your search queries to wikipedia and hnsearch.com respectively.
  • Privacy: This is so obvious it ought to be the very first point. They’ve created a couple of nice illustrated explanations on how they don’t Bubble or Track their users.
  • They have a chatbot that you can send your search queries to, directly. Add im@ddg.gg and try it out for yourself. Here is what it looks like (pic2 above, until I can figure out Blogger’s attachment quirks)
  • Their ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option is called ‘I’m Feeling Ducky’ 🙂

Slackware custom search using Google Co op

I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I just discovered Google’s nice new co-op feature in a Clipmarks page. There’s also a BBC article here.

So… here’s my own attempt: a custom search engine for Slackware specifically, and Linux in general. I’ve also left the ‘contribution’ option open, so if you know of more Slack links that would be useful, you’re welcome to add them.