V for Vita

image credit: venturebeat.com
image credit: venturebeat.com

Things have been going well at work for me, so my wife gifted me a cool PS Vita! She’d bought me a 3DS some time back, and I’ve found handhelds are pretty much the only way I can game these days.

The box came with the God of War collection. I sped through part one already, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The memory cards are pretty pricey, so I had to settle for a 4GB card. I’ve signed up for PS Plus as well, and the free games are pretty good (Steamworld Dig, Binding of Isaac).


I spent quite some time pouring over reviews, after which I bought Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush. Both seem to have pretty long single player campaigns, but I’ve not spent enough time on either to give a full review.

image credit: forbes.com

As a somewhat-Nintendo enthusiast, it’s nice to see the other platforms for a change. The PS Plus subscription is the biggest change. The catalog seems nice enough to keep me occupied for quite some time, and the cheaper prices definitely encourage exploratory purchases.

Recommendation: Buy.