Giving back to the community

After more than a year of eagerly devouring Free & open source software, I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable about my lack of contribution back to the community. I’m not smart enough to contribute useful code, and the only thing I can claim to have done to date is a decent bit of Linux advocacy.

Anyway, it was high time I started, which I did today with my favourite distro: Slackware. Apart from a fairly humble donation, I also ordered some stuff from their store, including a copy of the Slackbook, a slackware penguin & a few other little things.

Now that I’ve started, I thought I might as well make a habit of this. Upcoming cool people I really want to donate to include the FSF and the Linux From Scratch projects (I probably shouldn’t be talking about it like this, but I guess I’m just happy for finally making a start (and for the Slackware Tux that’s gonna get delivered soon!)).

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