Emacs bindings in Windows with Xkeymacs

I’ve been trying to learn GNU Emacs for quite awhile, and while I first started, I needed something to get me used to the bindings (I’d been using vi pretty much exclusively before). That’s when I found Xkeymacs.

Its made for windows, so I use it at office, and the little gem works wonderfully. It sits unobstrusively in the task bar, and gives emacs-style bindings for literally every window running on your desktop. I get a happy satisfaction when I can use Emacs bindings in MS Word: stuff like Alt+D (Delete word), Ctrl+K (Kill line), Ctrl+Space (Start mark)… pretty much everything in Emacs apart from the Alt+x combinations.


Pretty much everything is configurable, on a per-window and per-binding basis. For example, I’ve disabled it for my Outlook for no particular reason. Also, I use Alt+D pretty frequently in Firefox to reach the URL bar, so that’s disabled too. If you’re going to run a game or something, you can quickly turn the whole thing off with Ctrl+Q.

And to top it all off, it also gives a keyboard layout to remap your keys. As any Emacs user will tell you, the very thing to do is to switch the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys. I very highly recommend this little app to people stuck in a windows box who still like having their Emacs bindings around.

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