Managing my mess of bookmarks (Part I)

I have a huge mess of bookmarks in Firefox, and faced considerable problems a few months back when I needed to sync them across my work and home PCs. In my quest for a decent bookmarking solution, I experimented with some extensions and online solutions. In this post (Part 1), I’ll cover my experiences with the extensions: Google Browser Sync and Foxmarks.

Google Browser Sync: Well, just don’t use this thing. the only reason I did was because it was the first one I’d heard of. My problems started right with installation, where, for some wierd reason, google had allowed the download only in the US and some other countries. So I asked my brother to download the .xpi and mail it across to me.

Apart from syncing your bookmarks, this extension also syncs your browsing history, cookies and passwords. Somehow I wasn’t that comfortable with my home sessions mixing with my work ones! Nor was the fact that google’d be archiving all this information very comforting either. So I turned off all the options except the bookmarks and got to work.

I found that this extension still had lots of work to do. There were far too many problems when it was trying to update a bookmark that I had later moved to some other folder. There were also unnecessary delays whenever I was closing Firefox, when the synchronisation would take place. From start to finish, this was one extension I wasn’t too comfortable using.

Foxmarks: These guys sure got it right. Ever since this was installed, I never had to worry about what was happening. It works unobtrusively in the background, and handles things perfectly. I got an occasional popup when I’d moved an extension to another folder, asking me which location I wanted to be sync’d with.

You’ll need to register in the Foxmarks website to upload your extensions there (which is what I’ve done). Alternatively, you can mention your own server in the options where it will perform the upload.

Foxmarks has effectively solved all my bookmarking worries. I highly recommend it! (I’ll review the online sites that I’d tried in a later post ( and Furl))

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