Managing my mess of bookmarks (Part II)

In a previous post I covered some nice extensions that sync your bookmarks across multiple computers. Now that I’m using Opera these days, those extensions aren’t of much use to me. This post is going to cover some decent online bookmarking solutions that I’ve been trying.  Among the ones I tried, this is probably what I’m least comfortable with (also its the most popular). On the good side, the interface is fast, neat and simple. Searching through tags is a breeze.

Now for the reasons why I chose not to use it any more: I just couldn’t stand the tags.
Gmail does tags perfectly: you predefine them, and then assign them to incoming mails. In, you can put any number of tags, irrespective of which ones you’ve used before. So is CuteOverload tagged under fun, funny, humor, cute, or humour? Arrgh! Maybe its just me, but I can’t stand an unorganised collection of anything.

Blinklist: This one’s like a prettier version of Its got lots of nice features added on, such as a chat box in every user’s page. It looks like a friendly place, and the look-and-feel is very pleasant as well. One advantage it has that doesn’t, is that it auto-completes only within your existing tags when you’re blinking a site. As a result, I’m far more comfortable with the way my blinklist collection is tagged and organised.

Furl: This one is the BEST of the lot. I can’t imagine why it hasn’t got incredibly popular yet. As far as I’m concerned, Furl has this one feature that makes it invaluable: it archives a personal copy of every page you bookmark. With a feature like that, who needs tags! Since it also searches within the saved text, a simple search for, say, ’emacs’ shows every single page with that word in it. Who cares whether or not you remember to tag it ’emacs’, or whether or not that word exists in the title?

So there it is, I vote for Furl as the coolest online bookmarking tool around. Note that my main concern was just in saving and organising my bookmarks online. The social aspects aren’t that high a priority for me, so your opinions may differ.

5 thoughts on “Managing my mess of bookmarks (Part II)

  1. so were you ever able to ditch firefox+foxmarks with furl or any other?
    I’m currently in the same position – I need to ween myself off of firefox, my beloved browser for the longest now, since it’s eating so much CPU & memory that it causes my baby feisty to crash. It’s happened 4 times now, and I’ve been watching my CPU/memory usage/temp monitor to know it as a fact. Iceweasel is the same as firefox, just as bad. Epiphany stays cool and simple, but is so annoying with the bookmarks & tabs that I can’t handle it for more than a simple session.
    So I’m about to try Opera on feisty, but wanted to know how I was going to handle my bookmarks – if it will be the same as epiphany and not much faster/cooler, then I might not bother.

    btw, I am 100% with you on the thing. Tried it, and get overwhelmed by the big blog o’ bookmarks…


  2. I tried Opera too (which is pretty neat), but now I’ve settled with Konqueror. Its faster than any other browser I’ve tried. It integrates well with Kget and Kwallet, the adblocker is nice, and the cookie management is decent. Add the K to your ubuntu! The only reason I switched from opera to konqi was because opening too many tabs in quick succession pretty much hung the poor thing up.
    About konqueror’s bookmarks: I’ve got no complaints at all. Its got the functionality of firefox’s ‘add bookmark here’ extension, so its pretty convenient to use. I’ve decided not to bother trying to sync them with my work machine 🙂 If I find a nice site at work, I just add it to blinklist and check it out at home later.


  3. hmmm so you use blinklist instead of furl? from your post I thought furl was gonna be your thing. I tried it out last night – apparently I already had an account through nytimes (who would’ve known?), but when I tried an import, twice I got an error message. No good.
    maybe I;ll check out blinklist. But I really wish I could integrate with my existing Foxmarks. They do have a new button that will bookmark something on the spot, though it’s a bit slow. I’m using that right now as I’m temporarily in this indecision limbo…


  4. yes, furl is pretty neat, but I just seemed to find myself using blinklist more and more over time 🙂
    Across non-firefox browsers, I think the best bet is one of the online bookmarking sites. You have a personal website don’t you? Maybe you could try maintaining a bookmarks.html there, and possibly doing a diff at regular intervals with the local copies, and sync’ing them up whenever a change is noticed..? (something like that, this is just off the top of my head)


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