The RSS Overload Dilemma

ArsTechnica has a post on how poisonous RSS can get. Having moved to Google Reader recently, I’ve felt the pain of having an annoying unread count constantly in my notifier. The first time I signed up to Reader, I added a bunch of preconfigured ‘bundles’ that added an overwhelming number of feeds.

What I’ve settled on these days is a much simpler system. I’ve streamlined Reader to show less than a hundred low-volume subscriptions. There are less than a dozen other sites that I visit directly every day, so they’ve been removed. These are handily accessible from my Opera Speed Dial.

I still like my earlier feed reader and continue to use it: Rnews. I love its interface, and it is far easier to scroll through a bunch of feeds when Rnews displays it all in one page:


Any link that has long term value gets stored in my bookmarking application. For skimming past daily news, Rnews + Google Reader + direct access seems to suffice.