Lightweight galleries with llgal

I’ve been meaning to install a gallery in this site for some time now. I’ve previously used and liked Zephoto. Nothing very new seems to have come up since then, apart from something like Piwigo.

Anyway, since Blosxom is the happiest experience I’ve had with a blogging engine, I was happy to come across an equally elegant solution for web galleries: llgal. This is just a single CLI that most distros ought to come with. Setup is mind numbingly easy, all I had to do was cd to the folder with pictures and type:

llgal —title="n900"

And that got me this gallery. Could anything be simpler? the only other thing I wanted was decent authentication. Well, I have an SSL cert for this site so Basic Auth + SSL could have been enough. Anyway, I decided to try out Digest Authentication this time. Configuration is as easy as it is for Basic. I used the Apache documentation as a reference and didn’t face any problems.

So there it is. A light-weight, clean image gallery in one command. No php/mysql weirdness, no constant upgrades, no hassle.