Reader Alternatives

Google has announced that Reader is going to be shut down soon. Being an RSS addict, this doesn’t affect me much because I’ve spent a lot of my time trying alternatives all these years. RSS applications have a nice amount of interop between each other, since an OPML file is all you need to export/import your feeds. So it isn’t too hard to switch to an alternative. Here are some I’ve tried and approve of:

  • Rnews – Self hosted. This is still hosted on my website and is my go-to reader for relaxed browsing. It supports categories, is fast, and my favourite: does not have an unread count.

  • Newsblur – Web/Android. This is my current favourite. I liked it enough to cough up for a yearly subscription. It has a decent Android app, and can occassionally get flaky with some feeds, but is overall an extremely good application.

  • Google Currents – Android. This is a google service, so be warned 🙂 I put this is because it caches articles offline, so it is my favourite for offline browsing in my cab every day.

  • rss2email – Self hosted/Email. I love both email and rss so this is the best of all worlds. You run this python app as a cron job and add a few feeds to it. Periodically, you get an email each time a feed is updated. I use this for low-traffic feeds.


  • TT-RSS – Self hosted/Android. This is actually the one I’ve settled with now. rss2email continues to mail me on low traffic sites, but for heavy, daily usage, ttrss beats all the others by a mile. It is self hosted, has an android app that is well worth the little it costs, and doesn’t have annoying delay that newsblur does whenever a folder is loaded.