Clipperz Password manager

A few weeks back I posted a list of services I used heavily, and my password manager, LastPass was the most worrying in the list.. both because of how accustomed to it I was, and due to it’s proprietary nature. It is with some relief that I can now remove that from my list of concerns. Say hello to Clipperz.

Clipperz may be like LastPass superficially: both are zero-knowledge online password managers where the encryption happens on the client side and only encrypted data is stored and sync’d on the server. The similarities end there.

Clipperz is committed to Free software, and their code is open source and available to any one who wants to self host. Passwords are stored in ‘cards’, and auto login is provided by setting up ‘Direct Logins’ for each card. Since the scrambled password is easy to copy and paste from the card itself, I don’t use the Direct Logins feature much.

An offline version allows you to download the entire database in a self contained html file, which is useful for backups and rare offline moments.

Clipperz is now accepting registrations through Bitcoin only, in an effort to further anonymize the service. I signed up when they were still a free service, and have still not started experimenting with Bitcoin. The developers — a couple of friendly guys in Italy — were nice enough to help me with it.

All in all, it is a pleasure to see such a useful, well built tool from such nice, principled folks.