Cleaning Up

So.. Prism was a wake up call. I’ve been looking to move to more privacy-centric sites for some time now, and this weekend I also decided to cut down on my spending at the same time. I’ve been spending close to $200 on my VPS, email hosting and domain every year. This seemed like overkill for a site that only I visited, although I found the VPS very useful for installing feed readers, analytics, and so on. Anyway, I couldn’t expect a transition to be completely pain free.

I’ve decided to cut back on services hosted in the US, so the VPS was the first to go. I’m now typing this on a free Gandi blog (who handle my domain already). I might switch over to a VPS at Gandi itself, once the dust settles down. The webmail was next: I have no complaints with Fastmail but I decided to move simply for reasons of cost. Gandi, again, has a simple mail service that I’ve switched to for now.

Both my VPS and email are paid up for a few more months so I can always switch back if the transition is too annoying. More importantly, I spent a few hours deleting my accounts in a ton of sites. Accountkiller was a very useful resource, as it tells you which sites require you to delete your data before removing the account, provides direct links to the account deletion page, and so on.