Self-hosted Read-It-Later alternative

I was addicted to Pocket for a few months because of how well it fit into my reading habits. It had an elegant extension that basically allowed you to click-and-forget while all the magic happened in the background. The service filters all the trash from a page (typically a long article curated by the likes of The Browser and Longform) and neatly synchronizes content with other endpoints (my Android tablet and phone in my case). This was great for my evening commute back home because I’d usually have half a dozen or so interesting articles to read in a neat, clean page.

My very addiction to the service is what led me to explore other alternatives. Poche is the one I discovered and eventually settled with. It works just like Pocket as far as the content display goes, the major selling point being its open source nature. The devs have come up with a hosted solution for those who don’t run their own servers. Although saving and displaying work similar to the alternatives, sync does not. Your articles will still be in your poche but the android app will not cache them offline as of now.


I’ve been running their self hosted version for more than a month and it has become a part of my daily routine now. I highly recommend supporting the devs for coming up with a great open source alternative in a niche that was largely proprietary until now.