Hello Firefox OS

My wife’s phone broke, so this was the best possible time to get the dirt cheap Intex Cloud FX phone running Firefox OS.

image source
image source

My experience with so far has been unfortunately mediocre. The phone runs on only 256MB, so all expectations with the software must be tempered to account for the limited hardware it runs on. One shouldn’t expect much from a phone that is priced so low, so if you accept it for it is, the experience becomes bearable.

Importing contacts was my only major worry, and was thankfully smooth (I did a Google import). It takes quite a bit of time to open the Contacts App and navigate through it though. Again, this phone teaches you the virtue of patience.

The UI is fairly intuitive, and anyone who has used a touch-based phone before will have no problems settling in.Some apps work pretty nicely, like Notes and Twitter.

I’ve turned off the wifi, I don’t run too many apps that need it. I’m using the phone less and my laptop (and books) more.

If a Firefox OS phone with better hardware was available in India, that would be the one I’d recommend. As it stands, I’ll become a hermit for some time, for a chance to support Mozilla in a small way. I don’t expect phones to last long in my house, with a naughty one year old terrorizing the poor things.

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