Books read in June

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann

Did not have high expectations going in, as I was already aware that an entire chapter was essentially worthless due to the replication crisis that has proven that most research around priming has very little value.

I find survey-based research rather depressing. The book time and again states that researchers have a poor understanding of statistics, and the subjects display a high variability in their answers based on trivial and unrelated conditions. But it then goes on to quote study after study as if it were fact.

I’ve enjoyed other areas in non-fiction a lot more than this one and should probably stick to them.

Mistborn: The Final Empre by Brandon Sanderson

My first by the author. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Did not have too many of the usual fantasy tropes about heroes and destiny and so on.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Was a short science fiction piece I read for a change of pace. It had a decent cast and atmosphere.

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