K8s terminal enhancements

I’m interacting with a large numbers of k8s clusters at $WORK and picked up some nice tools to make my life easier.

Firstly, get k9s. It’s a lovely tool for terminal-lovers. It has a nice vi-style interface with tab-completion, so you’d just have to something like :namespaces to see the equivalent of kubectl get ns.

For navigating through a cluster and exploring, this is a lot better than other GUIs like lens.

Secondly, get krew which is a plugin manager for kubectl. I installed these plugins to start with:

  • ctx – Easily switch between contexts. Integrates out of the box with fzf so it’s pretty sweet
  • ns – Same, for switching namespaces rapidly
  • tail – Tails across all pods in a service, among other things
  • tree – shows the hierarchy of resources (like Service -> Endpoint) in a tree

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