Indispensable Browser Extensions

I don’t install too many extensions, but these are ones I need in all my instances:

  • Bitwarden: This is my password manager so I can’t live without this one.
  • Vimium: If you’re a Vi person (I’m an Emacs guy usually), this will make you feel right at home in the browser. There’s nothing as peaceful as using j/k to scroll, f to highlight links and open them, etc, all from the keyboard.
  • Dark Reader: Just turned this on now and my eyes are thanking it already. Dark mode everywhere!
  • uBlock Origin: Adblocker of choice. Set it up, forget about it. It’s only when I see someone else’s browser that I realize how improved my own browsing experience is.
  • Bazqux Reader: My RSS reader of choice, and this extension simply lets me open links in the background. Good for opening a bunch of tabs early in the morning.
  • Don’t Fuck with Paste: Because some websites think they’re being really clever, disabling Paste in the name of security.
  • Enable Right Click: Same as above, for right clicking.

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