Finally went ahead with installing TrueCrypt..

..and it was embarrassingly easy. I was worried that it wouldn’t support my /home, which is a ReiserFS filesystem. I needn’t have worried: you can create Truecrypt volumes even on individual files, not just on separate partitions. Here’s how I went around doing it (on a stock Slackware 12 box, as usual):

Download and install DeviceMapper and TrueCrypt, in that order.

Touch a file called tc.txt anywhere. Mine is in /mnt. And then:
truecrypt -c /mnt/tc.txt
Follow the simple steps that appear, the defaults are pretty okay.
Then jump to the Gentoo wiki’s nice page on TrueCrypt to make an ext2 filesystem of your newly created volume.

Mount the volume to a folder using truecrypt /mnt/tc.txt /mnt/encAnd unmount using truecrypt -d

Add aliases for convenience (again, see the Gentoo wiki) to the normal user, and add that user to the sudoers list, so that a root login isn’t needed each time the TrueCrypt volume needs to e mounted.

And in less than an hour of fiddling around, I have this neat 500 MB volume, alas with nothing really secretive that I can store in it. Fun, atleast.

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