3DS early impressions

I came home (late) on Friday night, to find my (totally awesome) wife waiting for me with (an incredible) gift— a Nintendo 3DS! She must’ve actually been listening to me all these months when I’ve been moaning about not having one. I still haven’t got a 3DS game yet, but my DS games work fine. Yay for backward compatibility!

I’ve since checked out the eShop, and downloaded good old Excite Bike, TwinBee, and Cave Story. A system update was required before the Browser and eShop were unlocked.

Thankfully, there are a lot more applications installed by default than in the original DS, which is little more than a gaming device. The 3DS comes with a totally neat camera that takes pictures in 3D. There’s an mp3 player included as well. Also included are two nice Augmented Reality games that look really great.

Next up: getting a 3DS game (Street Fighter 4 maybe?)