Text Powered

For about the billionth time, I’ve changed the blog engine that runs this site. This time I’m using blosxom, which is actually pretty cool. Blog posts are just text files, and categories are just folders in which they reside. This works brilliantly, because I can just shoot up Emacs and start typing away.

I finally got around to version-controlling everything as well. This page helped me set up Git, and it is ridiculously easy to use for my simple
needs. I’ve been playing with the CSS layouts and the sidebar contents, and it is a huge relief to know that I can fiddle around to my heart’s content and roll back to a working version if I’ve messed something up.

Blosxom itself is pretty tiny, being a single perl script that reads and formats the posts. Sadly the plugins I was looking for were all leading to dead links. The thoughtful folks at TinyApps.org set up
a mirror that was incredibly useful. I’ve now mirrored the plugins as well, accessible here.

Update: Uh, as you can see, this site now runs on WordPress.