Do I need another time sink? Yes, yes I do

So I crawled out of the rock I was sleeping in, and discovered that the Internet now does things aside from text and images. Yes! This fabulous new technology, called podcasting, allows some people to record themselves talking, and other people (like me) to subscribe and listen to them.

The software I use is called gPodder, and is a lovely cross-platform (it works on my n900 too!), rich application that supports subscriptions, sync, audio+video, and so on. Their sister site,, allows one to have their subscriptions in a single place that can be sync’d to multiple devices. You can see my subscriptions here.

I’ve already found lovely sites like Escape Pod, which does audiobook readings of scifi short stories; and discovered (via bsdtalk) that OpenBSD has an Emacs-like text editor called mg. If I had a reasonably cheap 3G plan, I’d‘ve loved to be able to stream directly to my phone during my daily commute. For now I suppose I’ll only use it from the desktop.