Updates large and small


A hectic week looms. I’m shifting my house next week. The new place is a lovely apartment in an area filled with trees and greenery. They even called it The Gardens as a result, and I’m really looking forward to pleasant evening strolls and idle book reading sessions in the shade. Check out their gallery. I suppose I’ll upload some of my own once I settle down.

I’m expecting to be without an internet connection for at least a week as a result, so I’ve been stocking up some games on my laptop. Dwarf Fortress looks the most intimidating of the bunch. The only things I have in my laptop is the (almost) entire Humble Bundle series. Sadly almost nothing from the latest one works (although the collection is insanely good.. Bastion, Amnesia, and Limbo on linux?!), so I might have to stick to the old ones.

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