Wine gets better with age

I got the latest Indie Royale bundle because it had Geneforge in it, and decided to try it out on Linux. I don’t get much time for gaming these days, and I prefer to play around with Linux on my laptop. I was earlier running Trisquel, and installed Fedora recently when they released Beefy Miracle. So I decided to see how well Wine was, which is something I haven’t used in nearly half a decade.

For old school gaming, Linux is pretty awesome. I tried a few games from GOG, and they pretty much worked out of the box. I now have the following neat games on Fedora:

  • Defender’s Quest
  • Fallout 1 and Fallout Tactics
  • Space Rangers 2
  • Jagged Alliance 2
  • Geneforge 5
  • Unepic

Who the hell has time for all this? I’ve started with Unepic, which looks lovely. TLDR: Wine is amazing.