Bookmarks now on Pinboard

This week I stopped using my local bookmarking tool (Insipid), and moved over to Pinboard. I’ve heard extremely good things about it over the years, and their blog is always a fun read. I like their pay-for-use, non-ad-supported model as well.

The pros: the site is functional, and fast. The antisocial, private bookmarking focus is a great plus. My import worked smoothly, except that the tags weren’t showing up initially. They did pop up a day or so later, so no harm done. There seems to be nice integration with other sites like Readability and Twitter, where Pinboard auto-pulls the links in them and tags them unread. Nice. The bookmarklets work as expected, worth noting is the ‘read later’ one which silently saves the current page without getting in your way with a popup window.

The cons: Nothing comes to mind really. I’ve not used it enough to have any real complaints, but I’d like to see how good the search is some day when I’m searching for something that’s on the tip of my tongue. Overall the site comes hugely recommended.