Got a new VPS

I’ve noticed I’ve been pretty bored these past few months, and the most noticeable culprit has been the VPS that I stopped using some time back. I used to enjoy installing and trying out new web applications and servers. So I decided to get another one. This time I went with an OpenVZ server instead of Xen, and the provider I picked was Iniz, who I came across in this roundup at LowEndBox. The server is pretty neat, with 2GB RAM and 100GB of disk space. I’ve decided to go with CentOS, since I like Fedora/RedHat already.

It’s been a day since it was provisioned, and I feel the old skills returning: securing ssh, configuring iptables, installing postgres, setting up cron jobs, and so on. This blog will (as usual) probably be wiped out or moved to something on the server. Other webservices that I’ve been using (NewsBlur, Pinboard) will also probably move to self hosted equivalents (TTRSS, Shaarli).