Some org-mode keybindings

Basic keybindings

  • C-c C-n and C-c C-p to cycle between headings.
  • TAB on a heading to expand/collapse.
  • M-up and M-down to reorder sections.
  • M-left and M-right to change the level of a heading.
  • M-RET inside a list to create a new bullet.
    • TAB in a new bullet to indent it.
    • S-left and S-right to change the bullet-style.


  • [ ] M-S-RET gives a checkbox.
  • [X] C-c C-c checks it.
    • [X] TAB for subdivisions.
    • [X] When all subtasks are checked, so is the main one.
  • [X] A trailing [] in the line preceding a list of checkboxes contains a summary (2/3 in this case).


  • C-c C-e for everything.
    • h o exports to html.
    • # brings up common templates.

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